About me

I am a half-British, half-Maltese freelance journalist, based in Valencia, Spain. I write about film, art, lifestyle, careers, business trends, start-ups, travel, food & drink and people. My work has been published in The Guardian, Times of Malta, Sunday Circle (the monthly magazine that comes out with The Sunday Times of Malta), The Malta Independent, Business Spotlight (ZEIT SPRACHEN), Spotlight (ZEIT SPRACHEN), New 7 Wonders, Modern Times Review, ArtsTalk Magazine, ArtDependence and Meer.


Freelance Journalism, British College of Journalism
BA French & German (first class), St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford
MA Film Studies (distinction), UCL
DipTrans German to English Translation, CIOL
CELTA qualification, LSI Brighton
Grade 8 Speech & Drama (merit), Trinity & Guildhall

Article portfolio

Spotlight: Science & Nature
Could you live on Mars? (only available in print)
Spotlight: People
Fashion designer — sewing for sustainability (only available in print)
Sunday Circle: Art & Culture
Machination: The mind can be a curse (only available in print)
Meer: Architecture
Ellie Archer: The leaf gurl
Business Spotlight: Women, careers, empowerment, holistic therapy, menopause, life cycles
Empowerment through reconnection (only available in print)
Business Spotlight: Nature
Speaking nature’s language: permaculture in action (available behind the ZEIT SPRACHEN paywall)
Sunday Circle: Food
From meat to marrow
Business Spotlight: Wine, technology

A tale of vibes and wines (only available in print)

Sunday Circle: Art
Painting with light
Sunday Circle: Art
Filigree rewired
Meer: Architecture, art
Curb appeal
Business Spotlight: Careers, dictionaries, lexicography
The dictionary: on its own terms
Sunday Circle: Voice activation, lifestyle, careers
Finding your voice (only available in print)
Business Spotlight: Salt industry, Malta
The salt of the sea (only available in print)
Business Spotlight: Intercultural Business
Forced to flee: Living and working in exile
Business Spotlight: Profile
Holger Seim: Breaking down big ideas (extract from magazine)
Business Spotlight: Freestyle
Time management made easy (print only)
Modern Times Review: Culture
Musical resilience
Modern Times Review: Russia
Unearthing hidden truths in the Moscow Metro
Modern Times Review: Ukraine
Unpacking trauma
The Malta Independent: Lifestyle and Culture
Biophilia and beyond: An exhibition by Sabrina Debono
Modern Times Review: The European Documentary Magazine: Nature
The children of the Amazon
Business Spotlight: Women at Work
”If we millennials don’t feel valued, we will look elsewhere” (only available in print)